Tourist Places in Konark

Places to Visit in Konark

Konark is a place situated in Puri district is also named as Konaditya.The literary meaning of Konark is Kona- "The corner" and Arka means Sun. Konark is mostly known for its Sun temple, which is designated by UNESCO as one of the major World heritage and tourist attraction since 1984. Konark tourism would always be in special memory, who had ever visited this place.

Places of Tourist Interest in Konark

Konark Sun Temple

The description about Konark temple -" Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man" by great poet Rabindranath Tagore is enough to imagine the value of this ancient heritage. Often described as Black Pagoda of Odisha is the excellent example of Odia architecture and culture. Today what we are seeing in Sun temple Konark is there ruining of massive structure, which once had earned great reputation due to its art and beauty. Built by King Narasimhadeva in the thirteenth century the temple was designed in the shape of a huge chariot, carrying the Lord Sun. Konark has great history, which is worth listening about this great architecture.

Konark Sea Beach

Sea beach is 2 miles away from the Sun temple of Konark. The quite untouched beauty of the beaches attracts most visitors to spend a great time here. Unlike Puri beaches, Konark beaches are very much quiet and considered as one of the finest beaches of the world. Puri to Konark distance is only 35 kms and the beaches of these two cities are named as "lovers Paradise". The sun rise and sun set views are worth visiting in this place.


In Konark there is a small museum is situated outside of the temple compound maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. In museum you can find an excellent collection of ancient sculptures. The museum is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. every day except Friday as it is closed on that day.


Ramachandi Temple is located south-west of the Konark temple near Kushabhadra River. The place is named after the Goddess Ramchandi. Apart from a great shrine the temple is also known as a popular picnic spot, which gathers lots of crowd during winter season as a tourist places in Konark.


Kuruma is a tiny village which is famous for Buddhist remains. situated at 8 kms distance of the Sun temple, Kuruma village has kept the image of Lord Buddha seated in Bhumisparsa Mudra along with the images of Heruka that has been found after excavation are included as places of tourist interest in Konark.

Fairs and Festivals

Konark tourists places include the Music and Dance festival of Konark, which is a five day cultural function initiated by Padmashree Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. Every year during this festival you can see a wide range of worldwide tourist and different Indian dance forms come together to turn Konark evenings into great celebration.

Places Around Konark

Puri Temple

Puri Dham is the nearest place to Konark. Whoever visiting Puri never forgets to visit Konark, which carries the same value from both tourism and spiritual aspect.


The capital city of Odisha is the nearest city of Konark, which is also known as temple city. The ancient temples like Lingaraj temple, Mukteswar temple, Rajarani temples are the prominently one along with varied other visiting aspects.