Tourist Places in Chilika Lake

Places to Visit in Chilika Lake

Evergreen nature, unspoiled blue water, hub of foreign species, boating, sunrise and sunset view and the soothing surroundings makes the Chilika lake an exclusive example of endless beauty. It is often described as the Queen of natural beauty in Odisha. Many authors and poets have described Chilika in their exclamatory words and give it different names. Chilika is the largest brackish water lake in Asia, when you come for Chilika tourism you will understand it worth those poets' and authors' praise.

Places of Tourist Interest in Chilika


This island is one of the prominent Chilika tourist places. After 3 to 4 hours boat ride you will reach at this island from Barakul. It is country's biggest waterfowl habitat and spread over 15.53 sq kms to be named itself as Chilika lake bird sanctuary which comes under the wildlife protection Act in 17th December 1987.


This shrine gets its name due to the Goddess Kalijai and it is the included in the places to visit in Chilika. You have to come to this religious place through boat ride and every year's Kalijai fair in January Makar Sakranti attracts world over people to gather here.


It is situated in the southern side of Chilika lake is known for its Irrawaddy dolphins. This dolphin sanctuary is a new interesting place in Chilika tourism to attract tourists from every corner of the world.

Bird Island

This southern sector of Chilika is known for the hub of Migratory birds in Chilika Lake. The island is covered with herbs, shrubs, trees and creepers. This is also called as Chilika wildlife sanctuary due to rich algal communities and few mangrove species. To reach at Chilika Odisha the nearest airport is Bhubaneswar and the nearest railhead is at Balugaon or Puri. By road you can come through Barkul, Balugaon or Rambha on National Highway 5