Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary

Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary

Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary, popularly known as Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Odisha’s famous wildlife sanctuaries. The Gharial Breeding Project, the latest venture of the wildlife reserve has attracted a lot of attention and contributed to its popularity. The idyllic green sanctuary spans an area of 1330 square kilometers and was established in 1976. The entire area is divided into two parts by the River Mahanadi and is situated between the districts of Budh, Angul, Nayagarh and Cuttack. The sanctuary is valued by wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, scientists and adventure freaks, in a similar manner. The region under the Angul sub division is comparatively hilly and houses dense groves, moist and dry deciduous forests and vibrant flowers like Khalsi and Genwa.

In its secluded premises, it houses a variety of wildlife such as elephants, tigers, leopards, gaur, nilgai, mouse deer, wild goats, sloth bears, sambar, spotted deer, giant squirrels and four-horned antelopes. It is also home to the gharials (Indian Crocodiles), fresh water turtles, mugger crocodiles and snakes of different specoes. Its most distinctive feature is the Gharial Research and Conservation Unit, which is situated at Tikarapada. Presently, it has been renamed as Satkosia Tiger Reserve.

Tourism is permitted only across 269 square kilometers of the total area. You can explore the wild side of the sanctuary by visiting Baghmunda, the residential area of the tigers. The Athamallik-Chhendipada-Telkoi corridor, Satkosia-Khalasuni corridor and Kapilas-Rebena corridor are the three main corridors through which the elephants travel and can be mainly seen by the tourists.

Nearby attractions of Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary are Tikarpara that offers beautiful view of the gorge and meandering river. HatiGirga, known for the watch tower; Labangi, which is situated on a hill top, Purnakot – renowned for offering hiking trails and Kandhaida, known for its intense jungles; completes the list. The places that are popular for its stream and waterfall are Sitalpaani and Bheemdara, respectively.

Things to do in Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary: Besides exploring the forests for various kinds of animals, you can also enjoy the panoramic vistas and opt for activities like trekking, elephant rides, night safaris and boating that are provided by the Forest Department.

Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. From Kolkata, you need to travel to Cuttack or Bhubaneswar in Odisha by rail. From Cuttack, travel to Angul (which is 115 kms away), via bus, in order to reach Satkosia. The entry point is situated at Pamapsara, at a distance of around 30 kilometers from Angul.

Best time to visit Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary is during the months of October to February, the months of December and January are considered to be the best time to visit the place.