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Lingaraj Temple

The Lingaraj temple is one of the popular religious places of Odisha. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is also a name as Lingaraj or Harihara. The shrine's main deity is known as Lingaraj, which literally translates to the 'King of Lingas' in Sanskrit. Apart from the spiritual and devotional significance that this place holds, the architecture displays a work of a genius. The tall rising 'gopuram' that overlooks its surrounding scenery, accompanied with intricate craftsmanship, is said to be a common feature of the Kalinga architecture.

The Lingaraj Temple Bhubaneswar is a 1000 year old structure, built in the 11th century. When King Jajati Keshari shifted his military capital from Jajpur to Bhubaneswar, he erected the shrine. But historians believe that it existed ever since the 6th century as the sacred 7th century manuscript, Brahma Purana, stressed on the importance of worship of Lord Shiva in Bhubaneswar.

The remarkable structure of the temple gives the tint of Kalinga style of architecture. The aesthetic sculptures look at their apex in this architectural exhibition. Erected in red sandstone, Lingraj Temple has the stone of the darkest shade. The huge temple complex covers the vast lands of Bhubaneswar in a stretch. The tall spire of the temple extends to the height of 55 meters and literally, dominates the skyline of Bhubaneswar. The spacious courtyard comprises 50 small shrines that are dedicated to several Gods of the Hindu pantheon.

The Lingaraja temple at Bhubaneswar is said to have been built first by the ruler Yayati Kesari in the 7th century who shifted his capital from Jaipur to Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar remained as the Kesari capital, till Nripati Kesari founded Cuttck in the 10th century. Inscriptions from the period of the Kalinga King Anangabhima III from the 13th century are seen here.

Actually, the temple is divided into four parts, the Garbh Griha, the Yajna Shala, the Bhoga Mandap and the Natya Shala respectively. Lingaraj Temple depicts the rich legacy of Indian culture and traditions. The colossal temple attracts thousands of devotees and pilgrims to its doorstep every year. The vast Bindu Sagar lake is the center around which are located the multitude of temples of Bhubaneshwar.

The Shivalingam in the sanctum of the Lingaraja temple rises to a height of 8 inches above the floor level, and is 8 feet in diameter. The Bhagawati temple is located in the northwest corner of the courtyard. There are several other shrines and temples in this vast courtyard.

By Air: The Bjiu Patnaik Airport is located in the heart of the city centre and mainly operates domestic airlines.

By Train: Bhubaneswar is the headquarters of the East coast of the Railway Division

By Road: The city has good private and public bus service that runs on the state and national highway.